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Check out the SAW Executive Reporting. Send a sample streamed report direct to your phone email!


All companies deserve accurate and timely sales information so that they can make fact based decisions. SAW helps you with all of that.

SAW provides your managers and salespeople with accurate, up-to-date sales data in a format that they can easily digest.

Sales status reports are streamed to their phones at the start of each day providing month-to-date, weekly, month-end and year-to-date values, with comparisons to prior periods and prior years.

The reports are customized for each user in terms of content and responsibility and can show breakdowns by salesperson, branch, product class, area or customer.

In addition, SAW provides a powerful desktop analytical tool that allows you to delve into the detail behind the numbers using datagrids and charts to illustrate your findings.

In its simplest form, SAW provides this reporting and analysis direct from your SYSPRO database.  Starting at only $80 per month as SAAS with free installation and no long term contract, it is at a price that you can easily justify.

In its extended form SAW offers a full data warehouse solution, using Microsoft's SQL Server Database and Analysis Services to provide a full featured and robust adjunct to your SYSPRO ERP, with modules for:

Visit the SAW SYSPRO Direct page to arrange for your free 40 day evaluation trial. And from there we can work with you to determine which version is the best overall solution to fit your company's data and reporting needs.

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