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Check out the SAW SYSPRO Direct Reporting. Send a sample streamed report direct to your phone email!


Scheduled daily sales reporting for companies running SYSPRO that keeps everyone on the same page whether they are in the office or on the road.

We send out scheduled daily emails, that:

At month end we provide similar reporting for the latest month and year-to-date.

The reports show the performance from a company perspective – but also from a branch, salesperson, product line and customer perspective and are tailored for each recipient’s specific needs.

The program has a 4-star rating from its current users; and 9 of 10 said that they would recommend it to others.

It costs only $80 per month for a 5 person team solution with no upfront installation charge and no long term contract - you can cancel at any time without penalty.

Does that sound like something that would be of benefit to your company?  Visit the SAW SYSPRO Direct page to arrange for your free 40 day trial.

Check out the SAW SYSPRO Direct report samples.

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